Your HOA Fees is PAST DUE

The Annual fee is $ 100.00 plus GST ($105.00), Single Family and $75.00 plus GST ($78.75) Multi Family. Pay before Aug 1 and we will waive your interest charges.

Why do we have to pay the Association Fees?

  • The fees pay for the general maintenance of the community that is not covered by the City of Calgary.  The HOA fees are mandatory as per your land title under CAVEATOR – Homeowners Association.

What happens if we don’t pay the fee?

  • The principal amount plus interest at 18% per annum will accrue on the property and be added to your account.  Example: if you have not paid the fee by the end of October your fee owning will be $109 plus GST.  The fees are than added to your land title and when you sell your home you are obligated for all outstanding HOA fees plus interests.

When are the fees due?

  • The Association is obligated to send out invoices for the annual fee before April 30th of each year and the fee are due on May 1st.

What is the fiscal year of the Residents Association?

  • HOA fees are charged on a Calendar year of January to December.

How do We know if we are required to pay for the current year?

  • HOA fees for the calendar year will be mailed out to current Home Owner

Below is the Budget and letter that was mailed to all the homeowner back in March of 2019.

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